United Way of St. Joseph County (UWSJC) announces the departure of acting President and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Harrington, effective June 30, 2017.  Harrington is leaving after over 3 years at UWSJC to fulfill a personal passion to serve the community as President and CEO of LOGAN Community Resources, Inc. where he served in leadership roles for 8 years prior to his time with United Way.


“United Way is a wonderful organization, where the important mission of reducing poverty is carried out by talented, committed people doing outstanding work,” said Matt Harrington.  “I want to thank the UWSJC staff, Board of Directors, and so many others for making my job so rewarding and enjoyable.  My time at United Way has been full of satisfying accomplishments, and I am confident the leadership at United Way will continue to forge ahead to serve the people of our community in the most intentional way.”

Under his direction, Harrington worked with United Way’s staff, Board of Directors, community impact partners, schools and various other entities within St. Joseph County to shift United Way’s focus to address the most complex social and pressing issue of poverty.

This shift in approach uniquely positioned United Way of St. Joseph County to implement a collective impact model. This placed United Way of St. Joseph County in a leadership role to encourage people and organizations to work together to identify strategies and solutions, which otherwise are not achievable through individual efforts.  Though convening, investing, and collaborating with individuals and groups, work will be to generate work centered on breaking the cycle of generational poverty and helping stabilize the families of today.

“My relationship with United Way does not end on June 30th,” says Harrington,  “As a resident and member of this community, I will continue to be engaged in United Way’s work as it relates to LOGAN as well as building a better results for children, families and our community.”

“Matt will be terribly missed, but United Way of St. Joseph County is committed to proudly continue the legacy he started”, said Kurt Meyer, UWSJC’s Board of Director’s Chair, “We wish Matt congratulations and the absolute best in his new endeavor as LOGAN’s new President and CEO.  We are very grateful for his contributions and commitment to continue to serve our community.”

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